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¿Qué es un control del niño sano?

Palabras clave: salud sexual y reproductiva, actitud sexual, adolescentes, políticas de prevención, México. Abstract Despite the government efforts en route for improve the sexual and reproductive fitness of young people in Mexico, findings indicate that those have not been successful. The objective of this analyse is to investigate the policies anticipate for young people and the approach they have been experienced by them, considering the social context in which they are inserted and the active conditions of the sexual and reproductive health programs. This research uses a new methodology, named Dynamic Contextual Assay, which allows re-thinking of the anticipation policies and actions from a broader perspective. Findings expose the obstacles after that opportunities for improving sexual and reproductive policies of young people, and evidently demonstrate the gap between policy after that practice, situation that prevents the abuse of condom among young people. Answer words: sexual and reproductive health, venéreo behavior, adolescents, prevention policies, Mexico. La forma tradicional de abordar el brete, así como las políticas y las acciones llevadas a cabo partían de una visión muy estrecha del abstracción de la sexualidad.

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